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Roll-up Service Doors

Engineering – Each United Door no matter the type or need is engineered using the latest advanced engineering method. In addition, our staff of trained professionals is available to discuss your needs and requirements.

Product – United Door manufactures rolling doors using quality deisgn and workmanship that meet the highest specifications in the industry.

Usage – United Door rolling doors meet the need for effective, secure space saving closures in industrial, commercial and institutional settings such as warehouses, shopping centers and schools.

Registry – Complete records of every order are kept on file to insure easy replacement of parts.

Warranty – United Door Inc., warrants each rolling door and component parts to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year.

Curtain Slat Profiles

F1 - Flat Profile
F1 – Flat Profile
F1I - Flat Profile (Insulated)
F1I – Flat Profile (Insulated)
F1P - Flat Profile (Perforated)
F1P – Flat Profile (Perforated)
F1S - Flat Profile (Slotted)
F1S – Flat Profile (Slotted)
C1 - Curved Profile
C1 – Curved Profile


Curtains are to be formed of galvanized steel interlocking slats of design to resist wind pressure of 20 pounds per sq. ft. (88mph). Windlocks to be furnished where required by opening span and/or heavier loading. Slats for doors up to 18’0″ wide shall be #22 U.S. Gauge. Slats for doors over 18’0″ wide to be #20 or #18 U.S. Gauge as required. Steel slats to be galvanized per ASTM standards. Both ends of alternate slats to be equipped with endlocks. The bottom of each curtain is to be reinforced with two steel angles of equal weight.

Guides are to be fabricated of steel structural angles not less than 3/16″ thick. Depth of guides is to be sufficient to retain the curtain under wind pressure specified. Where windlocks are required, guides to be furnished with windlock retainers. Guide angles to be assembled with 3/8″ bolts, bolted to the jambs at a spacing not over 30″ on center. Removable bell-mouths standard.

Counterbalance Assembly shall be furnished with oil tempered helical torsion springs having a 25% safety factor. Springs to be fixed to tapered cast anchors, permanently lubricated, mounted on a single solid torsion rod. Torsion rod to be attached to spring tension adjusting wheel, adjustable without hood removal. Assembly to be housed in steel pipe shaft of adequate diameter and thickness, deflection not to exceed .03″ per foot of span.

Bracket plates are to be of steel plate with sealed ball bearings to support counterbalance assembly and curtain. Brackets to form end closures and support hood.

Hoods are to be not lighter than 24 Gauge galvanized steel reinforced at top and bottomwith rolled flanges. Over 18’0″ in width, provide intermediate hood supports.

Operation is to be (manual, with lift handles) (by chain and gear galvanized chain with maximum pull of 35 lbs.) (by motor operator).

Locking with provision for padlocks shall be by means of (slide bolts on manual doors) (chain lock keeper on chain operated doors) (self-locking gearing on motor operated doors, plus chain lock for emergency chain, when provided).

Finish for steel surfaces is to be one shop coat of prime, except on galvanized surfaces and bearings, etc.

Specifications for Optional Features

Bottom Astragal at the sill to be provided, using tubular neoprene.

Windlocks (for windloads exceeding 20 lbs./sq. ft) to be provided on curtains, with appropriate door guides.

Complete Air-Stop Weatherstipping to be furnished with neoprene around all edges, including hood baffle, astragal, guide weatherstrip and F1-I flat slats.

Insulated Slats (F1-I) to be provided to reduce heat loss and sound transmission, using 5/8″ thick, expanded polystyrene core placed within the full length of each slat. Interior surface of insulation shall be covered with a 24 gauge hot dipped galvanized steel. (Glass fiber-reinforced insulation with aluminum foil facers available).

Contour Slat (C1) curtains, in lieu of standard flat slat, to be furnished (for widths up to 30’0″).

Vision Lites (F1-L Slat) to be furnished at eye level, consisting of individual slat cut-outs with weathertight inserts. Lite assemblies to be 6″ long, 3 lites across, 4 slats high.

Exterior Mounting with exterior hoods and operator covers, to be furnished where shown. Thru-wall operator drives to be provided when operators are located inside – door mounted or exterior.

Pass Doors to be provided with rolling doors where indicated, 2’8″ X 6’8″ flush hollow metal, 4″ X 4″ butt hinges, tubular cylinder lock set. Provide electrical cut out when used with motor operated rolling doors.

Sloping Bottom Bars to be furnished where indiciated, to suit sloped still conditions.

Fascias to be provided, if indicated to be by door manufacturer (applicable to pre-engineered buildings).