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Carriage House Style

Hampton and Bedford Series (Wood)

Available in unlimited wood species, the Hampton and Bedford Series provide an authentic Carriage House Door look. Standard features include, hand selected Stain-Grade lumber, True-Divided glass (Hampton Series) and heavy duty hardware. Use our DoorBuilder to design your door.

Ridgewood Design Garage Door
Ridgewood design 16×8 Radius top in Mahogany
  •  Available in Swing out, Bifold, Side Accordian and 1 – Piece Swing up
  •  4 or 5 Layer Construction
  •  Clear hand-selected Stain-Grade lumber
  •  Factory Applied Sikkens Stain or Painted finish
  •  Energy Efficient Polystyrene Insulation
  •  3/4″ or 7/16″ thick inlay, 3/4″ overlay
  •  3-1/8″ or 2-1/4″ overall section thickness
  •  True-divided glass, Grille or Solid
  •  Heavy duty track and hardware
  •  Custom designs – Unlimited possibilities
  •  Matching side door available
  •  Five Year Warranty (Hampton Series)

Popular Designs

Hampton and Bedford Series Popular Designs

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Gramatan Series (Wood)

Our beautiful Gramatan Series Semi-Custom Carriage House doors. Built by our skilled craftsman to our uncompromising standards, our Gramatan Series doors provide distinctive curb appeal. Paint grade rail and stile construction. Use our DoorBuilder to design your door.

Scarsdale Design Wood Garage Door
Scarsdale design 8×8 – with 18 Lites
  •  1-3/8″ Hemlock Rails and Stiles
  •  1/4″ Lauan Plywood Panels
  •  1/8″ DSB True-divided glass
  •  Factory Applied Paint finish
  •  Double contact bottom weatherseal
  •  Decorative Hardware (Optional)
  •  Matching side door (Optional)
  •  Heavy-duty track and hardware
  •  One Year Warranty

Popular Designs

Gramatan Series Wood Garage Door Design

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 Carriage House Overlay 5600 (Steel and Composite)

Strength and design come together to carefully craft our 5600 carriage garage doors. Shaped from steel and embossed with a natural wood grain finish, this exceptional collection sets the stage for the rest of your home

  • 2″ thick CFC-free polyurethane insulated thermally-broken base sections for carriage garage doors
  • R-value: 17.54 (R-value testing is in accordance with ASTM C518 standards)
  • Accent battens are laminated to the steel sections with high performance adhesives
  • Wood-grained steel interior, pre-finished in white
  • Square top standard; optional arched top
  • Faux windows are an option with the background color always being black and can be combined with all window section options
  • One set of Spade decorative hardware is standard for all doors; optional Barcelona or Wrought Iron designs replicate an old-world look    Learn more about this product…



 Carriage House Stamped 5216 (Steel)

Rustic craftsmanship brings unparalleled warmth and individuality to our line of carriage style garage doors. Built with handcrafted details and a deeply embossed wood grain finish, this series perfectly captures the appeal of traditional carriage doors.

  • CFC-free, high-density injected polyurethane core
  • Thermally broken for added weather protection
  • R-value: 16.55 (R-value testing is in accordance with ASTM C518 standards)
  • 2″ door sections
  • One set of Spade decorative hardware is standard for all doors; optional Barcelona or Wrought Iron designs replicate an old-world look
  • Exterior decorative hardware options include 4 hinges, 2 handles, and screws for mounting to face
  • This residential garage door offers the Endurance and Appearance Package upgrade
  • Accents Woodtones available in cedar, mahogany, dark oak and light oak
  • MLB™ Accents, Accents Images and Accents Logos is available as an option for interior applications    Learn more about this product…